Children of Bulgaria is a non-profit organization operated exclusively for charitable purposes. We are dedicated to helping hospitals, schools and other institutions address the needs of children in the country of Bulgaria.

About us

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, operated exclusively for charitable purposes. We are dedicated to helping hospitals, schools, and other institutions address the needs of children in the country of Bulgaria.

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Our Approach

Children of Bulgaria takes a new approach to financial aid. With the collected donations we purchase directly from the vendors at competitive prices, as opposed to sending cash to the recipients, to eliminate the possibility of fraud or misappropriation.

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Each project is funded individually and is selected and approved by several members of our managing body. We believe that every child deserves a chance at happiness. Make a difference TODAY!

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Current Campaign

We are excited to announce our new project, which is for the cause of autism. Within the next year we would like to help specifically seven centers across Bulgaria which specialize in the care of children on the autism spectrum.

The case of autism is still a taboo in Bulgaria. In fact there is currently no official statistics by the Bulgarian government for the number of children with autism in the country. As such there is no real measure of the needed support. While early detection and specialized care is key and can have a tremendous impact on the development and social integration of these children, most of them never get the help they need due to lack of or inadequate government day care centers or inability of their parents to pay the fee at the private ones. Many parents are also not educated on the specific needs their children have, don’t get proper support and are often embarrassed to seek help, which results in both child and parent locked at home, deprived of living a life with dignity.

After speaking with specialists and parents of autistic children on how to make the biggest impact for these children we outlined our priorities in terms of help we would like to provide. Our goal is to raise $100,000 and help centers that provide (or are on their way to provide) full day care for children on the autistic spectrum. Our help will include specialized equipment and materials, assistance with covering operating  expenses and access to training for their staff and support for the parents. We plan to make every effort to give the public full insight into the life of these children in order to improve perceptions of the condition and challenges they face and hopefully attract more funding in this so neglected sphere.

After careful research we identified the following centers whose operating model aligned with our priorities and as such will benefit from our campaign:

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Our donation to the daycare "Pinocchio" in Ruse, Bulgaria

We are happy to announce that with the donations that were left over from our last campaign, we purchased and delivered equipment designed for use by children with special needs at the daycare “Pinocchio” in Ruse, Bulgaria. 


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