Regional City Hospital Hristo Botev , Vratsa

We are currently raising $50,000 for the pediatric department and the maternity ward at Regional City Hospital of Vratsa.


Raised: $42,132

Goal: $50,000


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About this project

Our current campaign is for the regional hospital Hristo Botev in the city of Vratsa.  The hospital has existed since 1888 and serves the whole region of Vratsa, the largest city in northwestern Bulgaria, with population of 170,000 people.  We would like to help specifically the pediatric department and the maternity ward at the hospital.

The pediatric department has 20 beds. Children are cared for around the clock by highly qualified physicians. The maternity ward has 40 beds, nine of which are for babies. There were 339 births in 2019.  The equipment at these departments is extremely outdated which causes frequent outages and downtime. The constant repairs of the obsolete equipment also drain the hospital’s budget and divert funds that are needed elsewhere.

The management of the hospital has asked for our help. They urgently need a new ultrasound for the pediatric department and a new ultrasound, a birthing bed, and gynecological examination chair for the maternity ward. Our goal is to raise $50,000 for the hospital and improve the wellbeing of the newborns, children and mothers. With your help we can do it! Thank you.

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