Support Centers for Children with Special Needs and with Autism

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Goal: $100,000

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About this campaign

We are very happy to present our new project, with which we aim to help four centers for children with special needs and with autism, concentrated in South-East and South-West Bulgaria. We aim to raise $100,000 for the entire campaign. Please help make these dreams come true!

The family-type accommodation centers for children with disabilities in the city of Yambol serve 45 children and youth with multiple disabilities. Among them are epilepsy, autism, Down syndrome, mental retardation, glaucoma and others.

The centers are in urgent need of everyday items such as mattresses, bedding, blankets, towels and rugs! We would like to support these centers first – in connection with the arrival of the New Year!

The Center for Early Childhood Intervention in Haskovo has been offering its services for two years and due to the great need, it already serves about 50 children. The children are from 0 to 7 years old and are served both at the center and at their homes. The center offers specialized support for children with disabilities and children at risk of developmental delay, which includes early identification of risks to child development, implementation of early intervention measures in order to improve the condition and development of children and to build skills for their upbringing.

Currently, the center needs specialized equipment for children with mobility problems, such as: a therapy chair for children with disabilities, a positioning chair for children with disabilities, heavy chairs and tables for working with children for the therapy sessions, a balance track with gymnastic platform and others. Five training computers and a projector are also needed.

Daycare center “Dobro Sartse” is the first social service for children with disabilities in the Pernik region and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. 40 children between the ages of 3 and 18 are trained. Recently, the number of children on the autism spectrum, as well as those with mobility problems and in wheelchairs, has been increasing.

The center’s biggest dream right now is to build a “classroom” with an outdoor shed in the courtyard. Educational games and activities will be held there, entertainment, holidays, sports games and competitions will be organized, and not only for children from the center.

Other important needs of the center are: a device/robot for moving wheelchairs up stairs or a platform/elevator; specialized strollers or chairs for children with mobility problems; and specialized didactic materials and technical aids for movement therapy, Montessori therapy and sports games.

If possible, the administration and children will also be happy to receive equipment for games and outdoor work.

The Regional Center for Support of the Inclusive Education Process Yambol region, provides assistance to school administration to support personal development and kindergarten staff in the district. They work with over 120 children and students with special educational needs in the kindergartens and schools themselves.

The administration of the center wishes to receive devices and equipment under the new Biological Feedback (B.O.V.) or Biofeedback system. This is the general name of a new group of apparatus methods that allow a person to learn to recognize and influence their unconscious physiological processes. For children with autism, developmental disorder, Down syndrome, mental retardation, hyperactivity and other conditions, these devices help balance emotions, concentrate attention, relax, learn to cope with everyday difficulties, etc.

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