Centers For Children With Autism

The campaign goal is to raise $100,000 to provide the necessary specialized equipment and materials for seven centers. We will also support the staff's training and cover operating expenses.


Raised: $93,700

Goal: $100,000

About this project

The case of autism is still a taboo in Bulgaria. In fact there is currently no official statistics by the Bulgarian government for the number of children with autism in the country. As such there is no real measure of the needed support. While early detection and specialized care is key and can have a tremendous impact on the development and social integration of these children, most of them never get the help they need due to lack of or inadequate government day care centers or inability of their parents to pay the fee at the private ones. Many parents are also not educated on the specific needs their children have, don’t get proper support and are often embarrassed to seek help, which results in both child and parent locked at home, deprived of living a life with dignity.

After speaking with specialists and parents of autistic children on how to make the biggest impact for these children we outlined our priorities in terms of help we would like to provide. Our goal is to raise $100,000 and help centers that provide (or are on their way to provide) full day care for children on the autistic spectrum. Our help will include specialized equipment and materials, assistance with covering operating  expenses and access to training for their staff and support for the parents. We plan to make every effort to give the public full insight into the life of these children in order to improve perceptions of the condition and challenges they face and hopefully attract more funding in this so neglected sphere.

After careful research we identified the following centers whose operating model aligned with our priorities and as such will benefit from our campaign:

October 27th, 2022

Dear friends,

We have successfully completed the last step of our past campaign in support of the Bulgarian centers for children with Autism. We have paid for the training and professional development of the specialist working in 4 of the centers from the Bulgarian organization Autism Today for the entire calendar year. Good luck to all the specialists there working with the children and their families! Keep up the amazing work you do!

Many heart-felt thanks to all of our donors and supporters!!

September 2nd, 2022

Dear friends,
We are pleased to announce the completion of another yet successful project from our previous campaign in support of specialized centers for children with autism in Bulgaria. A brand new autism center has opened its doors in the city of Burgas for children in need of specialized services in the area. Пlease look through the pictures of how we transformed the building. We are wishing the best of luck to all specialists working in this center and all the children receiving therapy there.
Thank you for your support!

June 25, 2022

This week, we were awarded with a certificate from Association Autism and their center “Daga”. Our mission there is successfully complete. Thank you to all of our patrons for the support in the previous campaign. Thank you to the team in Children of Bulgaria for their hard work and generosity.

April 2nd – Autism Awareness Day


Today, we have received a sweet gesture from one of our campaign beneficiaries the Progressive School #3 in Sofia, Bulgaria  under the partnership with the organization „Autism, education, future and opportunities“. The Progressive School’s mission is to help children become independent and responsible people capable to set their own life goals, acquire knowledge, skills and strategies to their dreams come true. The school works with students with Autism in integrated environment.

The Children of Bulgaria, had supported their work by covering their expenses for physical therapist, occupational therapist, conditional training therapy coach, music therapist, yoga and art specialist for the months from February to April.

March 19, 2022

Development of our campaign for children with autism in Bulgaria: recently we supported again the Centers of Autism Today by helping to train 17 behavioral therapists in Sofia and Pleven. The programs are being improved and guidelines are given for the work of 46 children who visit the center in Gorublyane and 23 children from the center in Studentski Grad, 44 children from the center in Pleven. from February to April.

November 29, 2021

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that Autism Today in Bulgaria opened the doors to its brand-new therapy center for children with autism in Studentski Grad, Sofia. On Monday, the center began working with 30 children, 2 behavioral specialists, and 1 occupational therapist. Our team from Children of Bulgaria helped in this project by replacing the old windows with new ones in the building, we purchased and delivered new window treatments and furniture. Also, we signed a one-year contract to sponsor a certificate training program held every month for their specialists. Good luck, Autism Today!

November 2, 2021

The Center for Applied Behavior Analysis and Therapy for Children with Autism in Pleven, Bulgaria, has a brand-new fence with 350 m in length, a new main entrance, and a rear entrance. The fence installation will ensure a safe environment for the students there. We express our gratitude for your generous donations, part of which was invested in realizing this project in Pleven.

September 24, 2021

The development of our campaign for centres for children with autism in Bulgaria:
1. We furnished 2 special rooms for autistic children in the centre in Svishtov
2. We furnished with furniture and teaching aids – center Duga, Sofia (Autism Association)
3. We furnished a sensory room with specialized equipment for training – Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration, Sofia (Association “Autism Association”)
4. We provided specialized training for the child psychologist – Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration, Sofia (Autism Association)
5. We furnished with furniture, teaching aids, specialized equipment for training – Center Studentski Grad, Sofia (Autism Today Association)
6. We buy and change windows of the whole center – Studentski Grad, Sofia (Association “Autism Today”)
7. We buy and replace fence, entrance door of the whole centre – Pleven (Autism Today Association)
8. Contract for specialized training, monthly for a whole year – to the teachers from the Association “Autism Today” for centers that have in Bulgaria
9. We are going to furnish new centres in Burgas and Vratsa, they are on bare walls at the moment (Autism Today Association)

JUNE 14th, 2021


Dear friends,

The campaign has been very successful! With some of the donations collected so far, our team purchased and delivered 25 specialised toys and materials for working with children to the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities in Svishtov. Just look at all the smiling children and their teachers and psychologists 🙂

We want to thank the staff of the center who assisted us in the process and all of you who made the donation possible.

Top Contributors

Zlatne Uste and the Golden Festival Organizing Committee
Tanya Veleva
Enio Nakov & Ivelin Spasov
Boris and Gergana Genov
Veselin Kulev

Polina and Orlin Jordanov
Dilyana and Kamen Stoykov
Stoya Maglova
Evgeniya Kopacheva
Mila Yankova
Stefan Tsvetkov
Yordan Hariskov

Polina Gerontieva
Maya and Alec Stephanov
Petya Atanasova
Monika Ganeva
Denitsa Hristova
Noam Sivkoff-Livneh
Vanya Stefanova
Petar Arizanov
Lyubomira and Lachezar Lazarovi

Nikolay Simeonov & Iva Kiradjieva
Galina Kiradjieva & Hristo Jordanov
Natalia Vladova-Mugue
Lisa Michele
Kaloyan Jordanov
Antonia Bakalova
Daniela Simova
Deyan Ninov
Elena Park
Eleonora Gateva
Svetla Marinova
Zdravka Dimitrova
Пенка Николова-Балтов
Svilena Dimitrova
Robert and Rosi Popov
Ivelina Velikova
Dimitar Marinov
Svetlana Ivanova
Petar Iliev
Petya Abadzhieva
Adelina & Stefan Genovi
Yoanna Naydenova
Stefan Zhelyazkov

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