School for Children with Vision Impairments ‘Prof.Dr. Ivan Shishmanov’, Varna, Bulgaria

We raised $26,000 for this project and exceeded our goal! Thank you for your support.


Raised: $26,000

Goal: $25,000

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Sep 16, 2017

Dear Donors and Sponsors,

We hope that you had a great Summer! Our team worked very hard this summer to secure the most value for your donation dollars. This week, we ordered the computers and internet wiring for the School for Children with Vision Impairments ‘Prof.Dr. Ivan Shishmanov’ in Varna, Bulgaria ( The order included computers for the classrooms, specialized touch-screen equipment for the therapy cabinet, as well as internet routers, wireless receivers and cable wiring to cover the entire school premises. We were able to negotiate with the vendors in Bulgaria – LANULTRA and VALI Computers Ltd. – who decided to generously donate their profits to this cause! Yesterday was the First School Day in Bulgaria, and we are happy that the equipment will be delivered just in time for the beginning of the school year.

The school serves children from all over Bulgaria. The children in the school have partial or full blindness and most have additional disabilities such as mental retardation, genetic syndromes, autism, hyperactivity, aggression, deafness and other conditions. The new equipment will help these children tremendously to become more independent, better educated, and for many of them, will allow them a more successful integration in the real world after graduation.

Due to your overwhelming generosity, we are also working on building the first ever playground for the school. A playground is extremely important for all kids, and especially for those with disabilities. It is a place to gain confidence, grow strong, develop mentally and physically, and it is an outlet for the built-up energy from many disorders such as autism, hyperactivity, aggression, and others.

We continue to receive matching donations from your employers, thank you! It is not too late to ask your HR department if your employer would make a matching donation for your past contribution to Children of Bulgaria, Inc, which is a 501(c)(3) registered charity with the IRS.

We hope that you have successful and joyful Fall and Winter months! We will keep you updated on our progress. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or comments.
Our complete financial statements for this campaign can be downloaded below.

OCTOBER 25, 2018

Today was the official opening of the children’s playground in Varna and the conclusion of our successful campaign!  A dream came true for the students and staff of the school. Thank you, donors, friends and volunteers!

Financial statements and documentation

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