School of Children with Special Needs in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

We raised over $43,000 for this project - way above our goal! Thank you for your generosity.


Raised: $43,000+

Goal: $25,000

About this project

The project was for the School for Children with Special Needs in Plovdiv, Bulgaria ( A few years ago, a devastating fire burned an entire building of the school. Although the Bulgarian government has financed the rebuilding of the structure, the current building was completely empty and useless.

The initial monetary goal of $25,000 was greatly outdone. Together, with donors being a fundamental part of our success, we raised over $43,000. That kind of budget has allowed us to purchase furniture and equipment for five therapy rooms:

– Art Therapy
– Music Therapy
– Montessori Therapy
– Kinesiotherapy
– Speech Therapy

We were able to buy school supplies and materials. Part of the donations was invested into a revolutionary eye-gaze control system and specialized software that makes possible for non-verbal children to communicate and learn. That alone is a dream come true for educators and parents of such children. Specialized software training was provided for teachers, assistant teachers and school staff.

Top Contributors

Evtim Miloshev
Enio Nakov & Ivelin Spasov
Biliana Pehlivanova & George Manahilov
Iani Tassev
Dessi O’Carroll
Velina Miteva
Kamen Stoykov
Polina & Orlin Jordanov
Su So-Longman
Mira Suchowiejko
Stoya Maglova

Polina Gerontieva
Pavel Piperkov
Gergana & Borislav Genov
Team at AC Nielsen Bulgaria
Iva & Kaloyan Mihaylov
Evgeniya Kopacheva
Yordan Hariskov
Semilia Taskova
Violeta Todorova
Petar Petrov
Stefan Tzvetkov
Stefan Zhelyazkov
Mila Yankova
Magdalina Novakova
Polina Marinova
Vasko and Ani Yordanov
Svetla Yankova
Marina Passalacqua
Radoslav Zlatev
Vladimir Kostadinov
Atanas Atanasov
Dimitar Kolev
Magdalina Novakova
Svetlana Ivanova

Galina Danailo
Ralitza Horler
Eleonora Gateva
Jordan Yanev
Anton Tonev
Ivaylo Ivanov
Daniela Simova
Vanya Petrova
Desislava Chevallier
Michael Calderone
Kremena Dimitrova
Ekaterina Pesheva
Dilyana Atanasova
Silvia Ivanova
Dimitar Karaivanov
Monika Ganeva
Martin Zapryanov
Dinko Angelov
Marina Mariyanova
Theodore Pantaleev
Desislava Ivanova
Yordan Kolev
Stoytcho Stoev
Ivaylo Mandadjiev
Donald Mastrodomenico
Angel Hristov
Oktay and Kristina Veliev
Goritsa Marova
Deyan Simeonov
Arto Indjian
Petko Petkov
Daniel Kiryakov
Antonia Bakalova
Ivaylo Pavlov
Ivelina Velikova
Sara Comiskey
Plamen Garkov
Angel Hristov
Donald Mastrodomenico
Neno Pachovski
Ivo Mandadjiev
Margarita Markova
Plamen Garkov
Toni Angelov
Elena Ivanova
Deyan Ninov
Nedka Tomova
Maria Tortorella
Georgi Georgiev
Jennifer MacAndrew
Kate Pascaru

FEBRUARY 1, 2019

Your generous donations have done it!  The school has opened the doors to 5 new classrooms that will allow for better care and education of all pupils and in particular the ones with special needs!

AUGUST 4, 2018

We have exciting news – as of July 31st, your donations for the school for children with special needs in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria totaled $41,400! Thank you for all your generous donations, for your birthday fundraisers on Facebook, and for requesting corporate matching gifts! We already made our first delivery of furniture for the school’s music and Montessori therapy rooms (some photos below) and the children will have access to it at the beginning of the school year in September! We continue to work hard on negotiating and delivering more equipment and materials for the start of the school year and will update you on our progress.

JUNE 15, 2018

Dear Friends, thanks to your generosity and the hard work of our team we exceeded our fundraising goal for the School for Children with Special Needs in Plovdiv! So far we have collected $28,170 and we are still expecting to receive more committed donations and matching corporate donations. Thank you again to all of you who contributed! We have already ordered the furniture for the therapy rooms and expect it to be delivered by the start of the school year in September. We will order other materials and supplies soon. As usual, the financial statements will be posted at the end of the project; you will know exactly where every dollar went!

Financial statements and documentation