PAAY's mission is to empower e-commerce merchants to grow their business without having to worry about fraud. Our software solution utilizes a global security protocol called EMV 3DS. This protocol was created by the credit card networks to authenticate cardholders in real time and protect merchants from exposure to fraud. EMV 3DS verifies with the cardholders’ bank that a person is who they say they are. After a cardholder is authenticated, the merchant is no longer liable in the case of a chargeback. Instead of paying for the chargeback from their own pocket, the issuing bank assumes liability. Merchants also benefit from a lower interchange fee on reward cards.


RUBELLA is the largest Bulgarian producer of cosmetics and toiletries with more than 37-years-long experience and traditions. During the years it has gradually come to build the company image of a market leader, offering a rich portfolio, that comprises of dental hygiene, hair care and hair color ranges, skin care, body care lines, as well as a large variety of men products, sun protection, kids & baby care lines. Rubella has gradually come to establish successful business relations with major international chain stores and companies, with products exported in more than 50 countries. Children Of Bulgaria is proud to have Rubella’s continuous support throughout the years.


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