The Dutch Bulgarian Business Association (DBBA) is a non-profit organization founded by successful entrepreneurs from diverse countries and backgrounds. Our shared vision led us to unite our extensive expertise, creating a networking hub focused on bilateral business between the Netherlands and Bulgaria. The aim of DBBA is to unite people and businesses with similar interests, fostering mutual growth and support. By promoting trade and investment, we aim to strengthen the ties between the Netherlands and Bulgaria and to create opportunities for mutual growth and prosperity.

Our mission is to facilitate connections and nurture collaborations between the Netherlands and Bulgaria. We support companies by offering vital information, guidance, and assistance, fostering a favorable business environment that fuels mutual growth and economic development.

Promise to Our Members
To our members, we provide a vibrant community of professionals eager to build meaningful connections. Through our industry-specific seminars, workshops, and conferences, they can gain insights and stay updated on the latest trends in various sectors. Last but not least, our dedicated team is ready to guide their business endeavors, whether it’s a Dutch company entering the Bulgarian market or a Bulgarian enterprise expanding into the Netherlands. We promise a smooth and successful transition into new markets.
At DBBA, we are building bridges for mutual growth!

Our Philanthropic Commitment
At DBBA, we appreciate the impact of supporting causes close to our hearts. We are thrilled to collaborate with Children of Bulgaria, appreciating their transparency and wholeheartedly supporting their mission to create brighter futures for Bulgarian children by enhancing schools, hospitals, and child-focused initiatives across the nation.

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