Mission & Vision

Children of Bulgaria Mission

Our mission is to help educational, health and other institutions to create a better world for children in Bulgaria. 

To promote this mission, we plan to:

  • Raise funds in order to purchase instruments, equipment and other necessities needed at the institutions which serve children in Bulgaria.
  • Actively educate the general public and potential donors about the specific challenges faced by children in Bulgaria – the poorest country of the European Union.
  • Cultivate relationships with existing and potential donors that lead to funding.
  • Create individual projects to aid specific areas of need within the institutions and organizations which serve children in Bulgaria.
  • Ensure that each individual project is approved by our board members and/or our projects committee to secure the best utilization of the available funds.
  • Send physical goods and equipment as opposed to money to eliminate the possibility of fraud or misappropriation. Always select the best price.

The Children of Bulgaria Board consists of highly educated and successful members of the ex-pat Bulgarian community. Our Board members are committed to raising awareness of the needs of the children in Bulgaria, and promoting our organization to secure funding for much needed projects in various public and non-profit institutions serving these children. Children of Bulgaria, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization.

Children of Bulgaria Vision

Our vision is to improve the well-being, health and education of children in Bulgaria.