Children of Bulgaria Surpasses $500,000 of Lifetime Donations

Children of Bulgaria Surpasses $500,000 of Lifetime Donations

Children of Bulgaria, a leading charity serving Bulgarian children, today announced that it has surpassed $500,000 in lifetime donations! The nonprofit organization has successfully completed 11 projects for Bulgarian kids and is working on its next one.
NEW YORK, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Children of Bulgaria, Inc., a leading nonprofit organization based in New York City, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its fundraising efforts. Through the generous contributions of donors and supporters, the organization has successfully raised $503,000 / 905,000 Bulgarian Leva (current exchange rate) in lifetime donations to help various organizations focused on children in Bulgaria. Over the past decade, the charity has completed 11 projects in Bulgaria benefiting schools and centers for children with special needs, pediatric departments in hospitals, schools for children with vision and hearing impairments, centers for socially disadvantaged children and more!
“With reaching this significant milestone, we celebrate the trust, generosity and passion that our donors, volunteers and supporters have placed with us. With your help, over the last 10 years we have become one of the most recognized and successful non-profit organizations doing work in Bulgaria. We are looking forward to reaching our next milestone, 1,000,000 Bulgarian Leva in donations, and helping even more children in the country,” said Polina Jordanova, Co-Founder and President of the organization. READ MORE

Regional Hospital in Vidin receives cutting-edge blood analysis equipment

Regional Hospital in Vidin receives cutting-edge equipment

On December 6th, the regional hospital “Saint Petka” in Vidin, Bulgaria, received Children of Bulgaria donation – new cutting-edge equipment for blood-gas analysis. Blood-gas analysis allows the amount of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and pH in the blood to be measured. It is one of the most useful diagnostic tests. In addition to being the only test that can be used to diagnose “respiratory failure,” the blood-gas analysis provides a very good opportunity to determine the cause of this respiratory failure. This high-tech piece of equipment is instrumental in diagnosing severe respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. It is also highly effective in the prevention of chronic respiratory diseases.
We hope the healthcare providers at the hospital’s pediatrics unit in Vidin use this new equipment very well. We thank all of our donors and supporters for their contributions to this equipment delivery!

На 6ти Декември, в МБАЛ “Св.Петка” АД град Видин беше доставен закупеният от нас кръвно-газов анализатор в отделението по Педиатрия. Кръвно-газовият анализ позволява да бъде измерено количеството на кислорода (О2), въглеродния диоксид (CO2) и pH в кръвта. Той е един от най-полезните диагностични тестове. Освен че е единственият тест, с който може да бъде поставена диагнозата „дихателна недостатъчност“, кръвно-газовият анализ дава много добра възможност да бъде уточнена причината за тази дихателна недостатъчност. Този високотехнологичен апарат позволява за бърза и точна диагностика на сериозни дихателни и сърдечни заболявания и е доста ефективен в превенцията на хронични заболявания на дихателните пътища.
Пожелаваме на екипа от МБАЛ Видин педиатрия да го използват дълго време и със здраве, както се казва.

Благодарим на нашите дарители!

10th anniversary celebration! Our Spring Charity Cocktail in NYC

10th Anniversary Celebration in NYC

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined Children of Bulgaria for our 10th Anniversary Charity event in NYC on 8-June 2023! Your presence made it an unforgettable evening. Thanks to our incredible supporters, we were able to raise over $9,000 with this event!

If you weren’t able to join us or to donate, please enjoy videos of the event performers and our Co-Founder, Orlin’s speech. You could make a donation at!  and help us reach our 2023 Campaign goal of $100k for the kids with special needs and impaired hearing in schools in Plovdiv & Pleven!

We extend a special thanks to our incredible performers who donated their time & talent for Children of Bulgaria and our guests and donors who filled the night with emotion, music, and dance.

We were captivated by Gina DiDonato mesmerizing Bulgarian poetry reciting and moved to tears by the powerful folklore songs by Petya Maglova Shehova and the accordion music by her husband Hristo Shehov, who brought to us the magic of the enchanting Rhodope mountains.
Wes Georgiev, a young professional piano player, who recently moved from Portland to NYC, added a jazzy touch to the evening with his phenomenal  skills, accompanied by the talented jazz singer Gina DiDonato.
The program reached its peak with an electrifying flamenco performance by Momchil Gotchev (Monito).
We are incredibly grateful for all your kindness, energy, and generosity, which have touched our hearts deeply. All the funds go to the kids with special needs and kids with impaired hearing in Pleven & Plovdiv.

Thank you to the entire leadership team of volunteers Polina Jordanova, Orlin Jordanov, Kamen Stoykov, Pavel Piperkov, Tsvetelina Kemalova, and Maya Stephanova who are committed to using these funds to make a tangible impact for the kids in Bulgaria.

Our and your continuing support makes a difference in Bulgarian children’s lives.

Hospital MBAL Montana

Donations for Montana

Приятели на Children of Bulgaria,

Завършихме събирането на дарения за детското отделение в болницата във Видин и започнахме набирането на средства за детското отделение в болницата “Д-р Стамен Илиев” в град Монтана. Молим включете се! Отделението има нужда от закупуването и доставката на мобилен рентгенов апарат, неонатален респиратор, 2 монитора за следене на жизнени показатели и 2 перфузора за тяхното педиатрично отделение. След анализ и сравнение, подбрахме няколко оферти за закупуването на медицинска апаратура за МБАЛ град Монтана. В процес на работа сме по изпълнение на офертите.
Молим направете дарение направете дарение днес! Благодарим! —-> Scroll down to Montana

Children of Bulgaria

МБАЛ Монтана

Friends of Children of Bulgaria,

We have finished collecting donations for the pediatric department at the hospital in Vidin and began collecting funds for the pediatric department at the hospital in Montana. Please make a donation now! The department needs one portable X-Ray machine, one neonatal respirator, two monitors to display vital signs and two perfusion pumps. We have received the medical equipment quotes, compared best offers, and we are in the process of fulfillment.
Please take action today and make a donation! Thank you!

Progress So Far for The Centers For Children With Autism

Progress So Far for The Centers For Children With Autism

Развитието на кампанията ни за центровете за деца с аутизъм в България:
1. Обзаведохме 2 специални стаи за децата с аутизъм в центъра в Свищов
2. Обзаведохме с мебели и учебни пособия – център Дъга, София (Сдружение “Асоциация Аутизъм”)
3. Обзаведохме сензорна стая със специализирани уреди за обучение – център за социална рехабилитация и интеграция, София (Сдружение “Асоциация Аутизъм”)
4. Осигурихме специализирано обучение за детската психоложка – център за социална рехабилитация и интеграция, София (Сдружение “Асоциация Аутизъм”)
5. Обзаведохме с мебели, учебни пособия, специализирани уреди за обучение – център Студентски Град, София (Сдружение “Аутизъм Днес”)
6. Купуваме и сменяме дограма (прозорци) на целия център – Студентски Град, София (Сдружение “Аутизъм Днес”)
7. Купуваме и сменяме ограда, входна врата на целия център – Плевен (Сдружение “Аутизъм Днес”)
8. Договор за специализирано обучение, месечно за цяла година – на преподавателите от Сдружение “Аутизъм Днес” за центрове, които имат из България
9. Предстои да обзаведем нови центрове в Бургас и Враца, са на голи стени в момента (Сдружение “Аутизъм Днес”)

Thank you friends for your continuous support!

The Children of Bulgaria Board of Directors

New Add-on Projects

New Add-on Projects: Kindergarten “ Pinokio”, city of Ruse and MBAL Hospital “St. Anna”, city of Varna

Thanks to your continuous support, we had some leftover money from our project in Vratsa. We decided to invest it in helping the kindergarten for children with special needs “Pinokio” in the city of Ruse and the maternity ward in MBAL Hospital “St. Anna” in the city of Varna.

We will deliver school supplies and specialized equipment for physical activity for the kindergarten, and infusion pumps, patient monitors, pump stands and surgical equipment for the hospital. We are pleased in supporting two different institutions thus helping them to provide better care for the children in need.

Thank you friends for your continuous support!

The Children of Bulgaria Board of Directors

Washington DC - Kick Off Our New Campaign

Washington DC Charity Event And Kick Off Our New Campaign

Thanks to all of you who made it to our fundraiser in Washington DC! We were happy to see so many people in the DC area share our vision to support the most vulnerable members of society – our children.

The event marked the end of our campaign for the School of Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children “Dimitar Ekimov” in the village of Rusalya. We not only reached our initial goal but we doubled it! The funds will cover the operating expenses for the school for more than 2 years.

We were also excited to kick off our new campaign for the regional hospital Hristo Botev in the city of Vratsa. They urgently need a new ultrasound for the pediatric department and a new ultrasound, a birth bed, and gynecological examination chair for the maternity ward. We have an ambitious goal to raise $50,000 that with your generosity, we hope to meet and even exceed!

We would like to thank our friends from the Bulgarian Professionals Club and the Embassy of Bulgaria in Washington, D.C. for hosting and spreading the word!

Special thanks to folk dance group Zharava and our business sponsors – Malincho Euro Market & DeliKukeri Wines and Rangel Photo Booth who made the night truly memorable. Videos and photos from the event will be posted here in the next few days.

And last but not least, thank you Nedyalko Gerontiev for the initiative! Without you, this event would not have happened!

Facebook Fundraisers Hit New Milestone

Facebook Fundraisers Hit New Milestone

Through Facebook fundraisers and donations, we raised over $10,000 in three months! THANK YOU so much for your incredible generosity!  We have now reached $40,000 of donations for this campaign. Thanks to these additional funds, we were able to buy school supplies, clothing and bedding for all of the students at the School of Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children “Dimitar Ekimov” in the village of Rusalya, and to expand the commitments to purchase the food and heat through 2020. Please continue your support through Facebook and direct donations

Thank you friends!

Manhattan Charity Event A Huge Success

Huge Success of our Manhattan Charity Gala

The Manhattan Charity Gala on May 15th, 2019 was a huge success. Great turnout and we exceed our initial goal of raising $25,000 for the School for Socially Disadvantaged Children in the village of Rusalya, Bulgaria. The school educates children from families living in extreme poverty with no previous access to any form of education. The school has been profoundly successful in taking these children out of their toxic environment and integrating them as beneficial elements of society. Your donations will help support he school operations for at least one more year.

Huge thanks to our co-host Polina Marinova, author of ‘The Profile’ newsletter and editor at Fortune Magazine and to the event sponsors –  PAAY, an innovative provider of e-commerce payment solutions, and Rubella Beauty, the largest producer of cosmetics and toiletries in Bulgaria.

Thank you friends for your continuous support!

The Children of Bulgaria Board of Directors

New School Supplies for the Socially Disadvantaged Children

New School Supplies for the Socially Disadvantaged Children

Earlier in February, we delivered a set of school supplies and tools to the School of Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children “Dimitar Ekimov” in the village of Rusalya. The children are excited to use them!

Thank you, donors and friends.